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Since I don’t know if all several hundred of you read HSD…here is fair warning:

TP debaters (Stoa and NCFCA),
Ethos will be hosting a “best brief in the nation” contest in a couple of weeks. We will post full details in one week on the Ethos Blog. [Update: Contest results are available here]

Winners and honorable mentions will be able to put their award on high school transcripts/resumes, be published in an Ethos update, and earn a free copy of Ethos (or $25 if they already own a copy). The top brief writer will be invited to join the Ethos team for 2010-11.

Judging criteria will include saliency, real-world credibility, and organization (theoretical soundness, usefulness).

If Ethos currently covers it sufficiently, then you should consider submitting a different topic. Ingenuity and added value are what we are looking for.

There will be a page limit.

More details on our blog in 1 week.

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