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You asked, and we answered! Here are the 8 biggest questions that we have received concerning Ethos Excel…

1. Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes. For siblings, we offer a $50 discount per student (whether you’re signed up for TP or LD). You’ll be paying $450 for two students, instead of $550. We also offer a sibling discount for the Parli add-on. You’ll be paying $600 as opposed to $800… yay! Just choose “sibling package” at check out!

2. Can I participate in a local club and still be a part of Excel? 

Absolutely. In fact, it’s encouraged. Ethos Excel is a great resource to gain connections and training from people all across the country. However, being involved in your local club will be helpful for in-person practice and training. If you want your local club to be your primary club, we don’t mind that either! The more you learn from a variety of coaches, the better.

3. Is Excel all year? Or just for the fall? 

When you sign up for Excel, you are signing up for one semester of teaching. However, when spring comes around, we’ll be offering another set of classes and coaching for the competition season.

4. How old do I have to be to participate? 

We recommend this online class for people 15 and above. We’ll be tackling some advanced debate theories, rhetoric, and research. This isn’t a hard and fast rule. Feel free to contact us to see if this is something you may participate in.

5. How many hours do I get out of excel? 

Let’s do some math…

  • 9 weeks of 2 hour lectures
  • Twice a month you’ll be participating 1.5 hour debate rounds
  • 6 Private coaching sessions each an hour long

Equals: 33 Hours of coaching

And here are the extras:

  • Communication between you and your coach
  • Time our coaches spend preparing their lectures
  • Graded papers/homework/etc

In a nut shell, you get a LOT out of the money you put in. How much are you paying for Excel coaching? a little over 8 dollars an hour (The same price I get payed to cashier at a produce stand.)

6. Will you be teaching from a curriculum? 

We’ll be going deeper into the content that was covered during summer camps as well as additional subjects. One of the great things about Excel is that it’s very personalized to your needs. We’re not going to teach “How to write a case” if you’re fluent in that area. Vice versa, if you’re struggling in an area, we have the flexibility to change it up to benefit everyone. Yay! Everyone is happy.

7. Can I get high school credits for Excel? 

Yep! If there’s a specific area you’d like credit for (rhetoric, logic, civics, etc.), let us know! In this case, we’ll assign you specific homework (reading and an end-of-the-year paper).

8. Will you record lectures? 

Sure thing! We wouldn’t want you to miss out on any lectures, so we’ll record them for you to listen at any time.

Any more questions? 

I hope so! Feel free to contact us anytime about any questions or concerns you have about Excel.

Hope to see you online next month!

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