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Hello Debaters and Alum!

We’re taking on some new interns. Over 50 alum have been able to use an Ethos position on their resumes for college and jobs, and earned excellent recommendation letters and experience in the process. If you’re interested in learning by doing and think the Ethos mission is special, then we’d love to have you on the team.

Fun Fact: 90% of paid Ethos coaches were Ethos students or interns first

Internships Available:

  1. Blogger – Compose one blog per month, on an assigned topic. Your blog’s outline will be reviewed by Isaiah McPeak to help you reach greater depths. In addition, you will contribute 5-10 new blog post ideas each month. Six Month Internship.
  2. Editor Assistant – Manage the scheduling and rhythmic publication of posts and the automated newsletter. Add calls-to-action to any posts, ensure legal-to-use images are in posts, edit posts, and add cross-links to other Ethos blogs. Also complete a one-time project of making the existing 250 blogs more accessible to newcomers (it’s just too disorganized!). One Year Internship.


  • Helping our audience
  • Writing experience, including critiques by Isaiah McPeak (entrepreneur, consultant, author, and rhetoric coach)
  • Pad your resume with real experience, and see your pretty face on the Ethos staff page
  • Attend any Ethos summer camps free of charge

To begin the application process please email me at: abigail.m.lovett@gmail.com

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