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Just one word; that is all I want to say: wait. (no exclamation points or BIG bold font…) I was talking with a friend of mine who graduated this year and he pointed out that many/most people don’t keep their “June-Cases”, “July-Cases”,…or for that matter sometimes even their August cases. Whats the point in putting forward all that work when you know that you probably will switch later in the year, before tournament season will even have started. For those who don’t think that you’ll switch, you probably will. And I’m not the only one saying this. Of course, everyone won’t agree on this, but I would advise that you wait a month or so before you make a decision on an case topic. Use this time to either take a break and go to the beach, or read and write generic stuff that will be helpful later on. You will never go wrong in writing another generic brief.

Also, Ethos has some really awesome case topics that are being written. So I guarantee you that you’ll want to wait and see what coming, before you make a decision. <smile>

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