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Okay, so most of us know the drill. If you’re reading a piece of evidence and you come across a name that you can’t pronounce just make it up right? Nobodies going to know the difference. While that may work for obscure authors like Dr. Anil K. Rajvanshi (real person India year) It’s probably not going to work as well this year when you get to the Russian President. (See the video link below where Hilary Clinton during a debate stumbles over his name) Who… has a very Russian name. Here’s pronunciations of both the President and the Prime Minister of Russia. This should really build up your Ethos in a round. (pun intended)

Vladimir Putin
Prime Minister of Russia
Name: Vladimir

Phonetic Pronunciation: vlah-DEE-meer

Name: Putin

Phonetic Pronunciation: POO-teen

Dmitry Medvedev
President of Russia
Name: Dmitry

Phonetic Pronunciation: dee-MEE-tree

Name: Medvedev

Phonetic Pronunciation: mehd-VYEH-dehf

(Here’s a link to audio if you still need help on his last name:) http://inogolo.com/pronunciation/d1581/Dmitry_Medvedev

“Merdevdalya… whatever.”


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