Some of you may remember our video from last year at Vector’s debate meeting with Jordan Lorence teaching on Cross-Examination. Well…he came back this year for round 2. Find yourself taking on too much in cross-examination? Do you struggle in phrasing your questions? Hear what a seasoned attorney who has argued in front of the Supreme Court has prepared a talk with examples to advise you in cross-examining skills like a lawyer.

The following series of links take you to his talk. The best part? LOTS of examples! And they’re from environmental policy too (hear a 1AC with club cross-examination + critique). Thank you Peter Voell for taping this!

Mr. Jordan Lorence is an attorney at the Alliance Defense Fund. He holds a J.D. from Stanford. His daughter Jenna was 2nd place in NCFCA team policy in 2006. He has three students still debating in high school at Vector, the club I coach in Purcellville, Virginia.

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