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I get asked what we’re doing in club by other coaches quite a bit. So I thought I’d post the plan from now until January. Do realize that a lot of crazy tangents can happen. IOW, this is the “plan”. It was crafted over coffee (and loud strange acoustic guitar) with Vector student debate leadership + Asst. Coaches + me.

P.S. “Back of the Napkin” refers to a book by Dan Roam called…The Back of the Napkin (Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures).
Oct 29 (This week) = Novice Graduation Debates

Reagan/Paul vs. Ben/??partner?? // [Front of sanctuary] // Anna Snyder [2 more]

Lydia/Rodney vs. Alexander/Sarah // Back of sanctuary // Andrew Lonon [2 more]
Caroline/Rachelle vs. J. Cox/Deibler // [TBA] // Olivia Snow [2 more]
Joel/Chloe vs. Pugh/T. Cox // [TBA] // Isaiah McPeak [2 more]

These rounds will have ballots from judges and no/limited interruptions. So it’s a big deal, but a friendly one! šŸ™‚

Extra Work: Int/Adv: The Back of the Napkin, Chapters 1-3

Nov 5 = Research — Unusual location, TBA
Isaiah and Peter Voell teach how-to’s of research on projectors, laptops plugged in, etc

Isaiah and Chloe B

etc. You need to be there for this one.

Isaiah and Chloe B

Extra Work:
— Novices: Article sent out by Andrew Lonon to prepare for following week
— Int/Adv: The Back of the Napkin, Chapters 4-7

Nov 12 = Coaching
–> Nov/Int: Lonon (Olivia asst.) // TBA
–> Adv: Anna and Isaiah // Keeping it real [slow, make sense]

–> Int/Adv: Isaiah // Visual Thinking (Back of Napkin)
–> Nov: Lonon and Olivia // Case and argument development checkup–how’s it going?

–> ALL: Sarah and Lydia 15 min each + discussion on area of environmental policy

Extra Work:
— Novices: Get your case and negative files together for your tournament. You need to know what you have and what it says.
— Advanced: Back of the Napkin chapters 8-11

Nov 19 = Tourney Prep
Nov: Prepare for Nov 21 practice tourney (how will it work? What to do w/files? etc etc etc) // Olivia, Anna
Int/Adv: Back of Napkin for 15 min. then Kritiks (and negative philosophies, principle objections, moral DAs) // Isaiah

Extra Work:
— Go to the tournament!
— Adv: Back of the Napkin chapters 12-14 (the most important part)

Nov 21 = Break

Dec 3 = Expert Panel (tentative)
If we get the speakers, this will rock. (open to anyone who can come btw)

Dec 4-5 = Atlantic Practice Tournament (Norfolk)

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