Our elite Mastership Sourcebooks for NCFCA and Stoa will release soon! Check them out here!

Get excited! Because this not going to be as good as it’s always been. It’s going to be so much better.

Hundreds upon hundreds of pages of evidence? Check. Over a dozen different authors? Check. Over 90% of sourcebook evidence from restricted, academic sources? Check. In-depth analysis and strategy tips for briefs and cases? Check.

The complete TOC is still pending, but when you receive the sourcebook (in addition to the overload of beautifully formatted evidence) you will see a set of special FAQs documents and ‘how to use’ manual for Ethos to make sure you can maximize your use of and efficiently with the sourcebook materials. And be sure to refer back to the sourcebook’s appendixes if you ever start to find yourself lost in a sea of sources and citations.

Finally, the 2013-2014 policy sourcebooks with include a BONUS attitudinal solvency brief that includes the best of the best evidence taken from printed books and the best authors (ie. hours of academic research at collegiate libraries and the Library of Congress) in a style that is usable by all for debaters.

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