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Ethos is privileged and proud to recognize NCFCA Team Policy debate National Champions and Ethos staff members Kara Stivers and Rebecca Frazer!

Prior to the 2012 NCFCA Nationals, Kara and Rebecca joined Ethos in March, and have now joined the growing number of Ethos staff members who have received titles as Debate National Champions.

Ethos does not invite individuals to join as a staff member because of their tournament accomplishments. Rather, Ethos staff members are individuals who think and debate critically, research thoroughly, and understand what it takes to debate with excellence. Thus, it is hardly a coincidence that these are the debaters who often receive national titles in debate.

Look forward to sourcebook evidence and blog article written by Kara and Rebecca not only because of their accomplishments. But because they will be writing from, researching with, and sharing with you the skills they have developed which have allowed them to accomplish such a feat.

Congratulations, Kara and Rebecca!

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