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There were many entries, so judges initially scored all the briefs to create a down-select to 8 final briefs. The initial judging was based on a point scale and the top 8 were above a point threshold with some distance that made a natural break from the others.

For the final 8, judges ranked the briefs from 1 to 8, then the brief with the lowest score was selected as winner. Competition was fierce among the finalists. If a single brief had been so head and shoulders above the rest as to picket fence finals, the score would have been 4 — but as you can see, the winning brief’s score was 8.

The judges reviewed and made comments on the briefs which will be separately sent to authors, though some commentary may be used as teaching material on this blog. The top briefs will be sent out in an update within the next 10 days. Thanks to all who submitted briefs to this contest! It was a valuable exercise for you and definitely was for us.


1st Place (8 pts) = Salmon.doc // Joshua Ridenour

2nd Place (10) = NEG – Coal-to-Liquids // Anthony Severin

3rd Place (tie 14) = AFF — Ban Lead Wheel Weights // Kevin Behne

3rd Place (tie 14) = Cetacean Bycatch (negative) // Daniel Gaskell

5th Place (15) = Negative – Renewable Portfolio Standards/Renewables Con // Joseph Samelson


NEG National Smoking Ban // Drew Chambers

“SBSP Prize Counterplan” // Daniel Sileo


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