Our elite Mastership Sourcebooks for NCFCA and Stoa will release soon! Check them out here!

The Ethos Sourcebooks are up for purchase! Are you ready for this debate season to get started??

Ethos has a long legacy of publishing only the best content. We put together an all-star team of researchers to do some intensive research for the Stoa and NCFCA resolutions. Combined, Ethos compiled between 700-800 pages of edited and formatted research. We have sourcebooks for LD and TP, available for both Stoa and NCFCA. Take a look at this page for more info on each sourcebook.

Thanks to our Project Manager, Chris Ostertag, for organizing the research team and putting in countless hours of work.

Our team of dedicated authors and editors this year includes:

Chris Ostertag

Thaddeus Tague

Elijah Schow

Jonathan Helton

Benjamin Anastasi

Colin Freyvogel

Connor Daniels

Harrison Durland

Jadon Buzzard

Joel Erickson

Joshua Hu

Luke Litz

Melissa Pietruski

Noah Farley

Rachel Mauchline

Sebastian Anastasi

So what do I get for the price of one sourcebook?

Quality Content

Our TP sourcebooks contain over 300 pages of evidence. LD sourcebooks include 75-100 pages of examples, analysis, and argumentation. We beat the competition by having only the best evidence. We include 1AC’s, 2AC backups, and Negs.

Ethos put a heavy emphasis on Affirmatives this year, so you’ll find a few extra in each sourcebook. Ethos adheres to only the highest formatting CITE standards, and all our sources have been edited and vetted for credibility.

Coaching Discount

Remember, when you buy the sourcebook, you receive a discount on Ethos coaching! With your purchase, we will extend a coupon for our season coaching package that gives you the entire first session for free. Ethos works off of a normal hourly coaching rate, but if you buy coaching packages, we discount that hourly rate to make extended coaching more affordable. Adding a full free session means the student saves around $175 for Gold coaching and $120 for Silver. Just shoot us an email at contact@ethosdebate.com to claim your discount and schedule your first coaching session.

Lastly – we have to include our sharing policy every year just as a reminder:

At Ethos, the growth of each individual debater is paramount to us. However, please be wise and ethical when sharing our briefs. We can’t stop you from sharing it with your debate partner or family, but can you share it with your whole club? Not really. Here’s why: Ethos authors spent a lot of time and energy doing this research for you. If you go and poach our work, you are essentially devaluing the entire sourcebook, and your own character in the process. Please do not email our briefs to friends. (Okay, okay, okay. If you are on the verge of closing a dope evidence exchange right before semifinals at the biggest tournament of your life, and you need an Ethos brief to sweeten the deal, we might be alright with it. Maybe.) All in all, please do the right thing, and encourage your pals to buy our sourcebook. That way no one is tempted to do the wrong thing.

Email us if you have any further questions or comments about the sourcebook!


The Ethos Team

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