Go subscribe to these blogs. now.

…nope. Don’t do that. Read this, THEN subscribe to the blogs below. Don’t worry, I will be here when you get back.

Volokh (VOUL-Ker) Conspiracy – Volokh is a group blog written by a few top law professors in the country. They offer analysis on certain laws and policies ranging from the random BBC News story to a major issue in the United States.

Dorf on Law – Dorf on law is a blog primarily containing analysis on laws or political happenings. Posts mostly stays within the walls of the United States.

Little Green Footballs – Pages of awesomeness.

The main reason that I like these blogs a lot is because they offer (usually) non-biased opinions supported by logic and reason. No, you probably wouldn’t quote them in a round, but the information you get from them generally is invaluable (which basically requires me to tell you to read this post again and again).

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