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The U.S. was a state sponsor of terrorism

Dr. Brigitte L. Nacos, [PhD in political science, terrorism expert], “Terrorism and Counterterrorism: understanding threats and responses in the Post-9/11 World,” Columbia University, 2006 (pg. 32)

When states support groups whose political violence is directed against civilians in a foreign country, they are sponsoring terrorism. Governments support terrorist groups in order to further their own foreign policy goals. Most of the time, governments do not admit this sort of support but, indeed, deny it. During the Cold War, both the Soviet-led Eastern bloc and the U.S.-led Western world supported groups that committed terrorism against the other side. …the United States provided substantial support to the Nicaraguan Contras in their fights against the leftist Sandinista government and its supporters. During those years, these countries were state sponsors of terrorism.”

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