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Speech Ranks

Why do you want to sign up on the speech ranks site? There are many reasons.

1. Speech Ranks is a site that fulfills a need within the homeschool speech and debate community. As the number of participants has grown, it has become difficult for colleges to know how to rank homeschool debaters. This means it is a bit more difficult for homeschool debaters to gain access to scholarship funds. This site will give you something that you can reference for those college coaches.

2. Maybe you aren’t wanting to debate in college, but you need an award or honor on your college application. This gives you a way to quantify your performance for those college applications. The eventual goal is to associate the site with an honor society and lifetime achievement awards.

3. To qualify for NITOC – a national championship invitational hosted by Stoa. This championship is open to all homeschool debaters regardless of league affiliation. Even if you don’t qualify for NCFCA nationals, you might qualify for NITOC nationals. Sunny San Diego is a wonderful place to spend a week.

4. Just for fun. It is fun to see how you rank across the country. If you are a beginning debater, it will help you track your debate progress over the course of your high school career.

In case it still isn’t clear, this site is for all homeschool debaters – Stoa, NCFCA, CCA (and any other homeschool leagues). Good luck and have fun!

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