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For those who haven’t subscribed to/don’t read the 3NR Debate blog, subscribe. It is geared toward public school highschool debate (think NFL), but is just as beneficial for our league as for any other. So make sure to regularly read this blog. ADVISORY***3NR blog posts uses profanity***ADVISORY

Also, the original purpose of this post was to provide a link to a wonderful 3NR post that explains several ways to become a better debate. Read it and learn. : )..

“So, How Do I Get Better At Debate:” Answering Debate’s Toughest Question

“Debate is hard — there are no shortcuts to success. Students often look for a blueprint that will get them from the 2-4 bracket to the finals; in response, coaches emphasize that there’s no substitute for hard work. “Nose, meet grindstone” seems to be the best answer anyone faced with the “how do I get…”  < Click to continue reading >

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