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Hello Ethos Family,

Go ahead and recall the best debate round you’ve ever seen. Or even better, recall in your head one of the several orators that you idolize, or maybe a speech that has remained in your memory since you heard it first. 

Ever wondered if it would be possible to attain that level of persuasion: the ability to captivate an audience AND logically dominate your opponents? Isaiah McPeak can take any debater to THAT level.

Sound insane? For those of you who do not know who Isaiah is, take a look at his credentials:

–          Isaiah has debated over 500 competitive rounds and keeps his multi-format debate skills sharp.

–          Isaiah received a full debate scholarship to Patrick Henry College after placing 3rd at NCFCA nationals in 2004.

–          Isaiah quickly became one of the most successful debaters and produced more research than the entire rest of the squad (30 people) combined, as intersecting debate arguments with real-life literature has always been his passion in debate.

–          Isaiah also personally won at least one major college tournament in parli, LD-value, LD-policy, team-value, and team policy, as well as placing 5th in the nation in ACMA Moot Court and 4th in the nation at collegiate NEDA nationals.

–          Isaiah co-founded Vector speech and debate club in Purcellville, VA and coached the policy team for five years. The club won 100% of qualifiers and regional championships for two consecutive years, qualified 5 teams to nationals per year on average, and took home the NCFCA national championship in 2010 with the team of McPeak/Shipsey. The next year Vector took home the national title for the first Parli Invitational Tournament of Champions.

–          Again in 2012-13, Isaiah helped co-found APEX (a national open club of excellence in Tampa, FL), who took home the national 1st place trophy in NCFCA Team Policy with the team of Ryan Collins/Johnny Bush.

–          As a college coach, Isaiah coached a squad of 60+ debaters at Patrick Henry College to over 25 tournament wins, including a national title in policy debate. Isaiah transformed the program into a leadership and debate program, competing in Team Value, Team Policy, LD Policy, LD Value, and NPDA Parli, with a thorough mentorship structure.

–          Isaiah is also co-founder of Ethos Debate Publications LLC, which publishes one of the most exhaustive highschool debate sourcebooks around, as well as coaches and trains dozens of students every year.

He has consistently proven his coaching methods in numerous styles and formats and is looking to take a few new students. He will only take up to 4 new students. He is looking for dedicated students, willing to commit to a full semester or competitive year.

The offseason is the best time to sharpen your debate game and get ahead of the competition. Build your skills, and head into the new debate year with more preparation than anyone around you.

Send us an email at contact@ethosdebate.com to inquire about booking a workshop or season coaching package with Isaiah. Also feel free to take a look at his coaching profile page here: http://www.ethosdebate.com/isaiah-mcpeak/

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