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Ethos camps are back!

We are in the middle of scheduling and working out logistics for as many camps as we can. The camps page itself won’t be up for a bit, however, we did want to notify you of the first camp on the books!

Patrick Henry College is hosting a week-long debate camp. Myself (Thaddeus) and Emily Rose will be leading the camp.

The PHC camp will be for debaters of all experience levels, drilling down on how to make you a better speaker, persuader, and debater. We will break from things like “how to run a Kritik” in favor of in-depth analysis and practicing non-verbals, persuasion tactics, and a fair share of debate strategy. If you are new to debate – don’t worry – our lectures are geared towards those who have never debated before, but are willing to learn. We will do breakouts for students of different experience levels to ensure that you get the coaching you need to ascend the next level of debate. If you want case critique, bring it along, and we can go over it. Check it out here! https://www.phc.edu/debate-camp.

What’s more, people who read the Ethos blog get a special discount code. After early bird registration ends (April 1), use ETHOS40 to get $40 off registration for PHC’s debate camp.

If you want to see a camp in your area, or inquire about what camps are coming to your region or state, please shoot us an email: ethosdebate@gmail.com.

We would love to consider hosting a camp in your area, so feel free ask away. We currently have quite a few inquiries for camps, and limited coach availability so the sooner you can email us the better.

Hope to see you this summer!

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