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Dear Readers,

It has been an exciting year for us, as we taught 250+ students across the country this past summer, brought on more staff than ever before, and increased the frequency and authorship of free articles on our blog. Just to share one statistic, our blog readership has grown by 360% in a year. In November of 2009 just under 2,000 people visited our blog, with 71 unique visitors per average day. This November, we closed with over 7,000 visits that month, and 240 unique visitors average per day. Our growth is thanks to you, who invite us to teach at camps, ask us for 1AC critiques, and ask all kinds of questions.

What’s New

  • Over the summer Lydia and Josiah were busy working with a CPA and we are now “Ethos Publications LLC”
  • In coming months we will announce some new features, like webinars for parliamentary debate, where I will share tips and strategies for parli
  • To help fund startup of some of these ventures, we will display a few ads on our site
  • We hired a professional videographer at Distant Moon Media who filmed an Apologetics course that we will release through iTunes, online, and with various curriculum stores across the country
  • We will spend about 8 weeks in the summer of 2011 in various locations working with students to improve their skills
  • We will face the challenge of providing a sourcebook for two different policy resolutions in 2011-2012
  • We will continue to provide content that serves the community, like our upcoming comprehensive judge orientation video series (free online) that you can point parents and community judges to for improvement

I hope you can tell that our appetite for teaching wisdom is only just barely whetted. There is so much more to come in years ahead as we improve and expand our offerings. We hope you will continue to look to Ethos because we continue to look out for you.

And finally we give God the glory for providing flexibility in schedules, putting together the right staff, and showing us results of our instruction from years ago to keep us carrying on. Without him we wouldn’t be anything (and neither would you!).

Here’s to a joyful and thankful Christmas,

Isaiah McPeak and the Ethos Team

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