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Friends of Ethos,

Let’s cut to it.

We messed up. The final versions of our TP sourcebooks contained far fewer briefs than we had previously planned and previously advertised and all of our sourcebooks were released late.

So as the new owner of Ethos, I owe all of our wonderful Ethos family a big apology. I am SO sorry.

You deserve to know why things went south. Not an excuse, but we owe you an explanation.

It came down to a lack of planning on our part. Everyone who works here at Ethos works part-time. We have jobs, families, and an unending love of debate. We put as much time as we can towards Ethos. This sourcebook was our first time back in years. Our tech took work to get back in shape and continued to give us some grief, our editors were new to the job, and we hadn’t streamlined our process as much as we should have.

Our standards for research are extremely high. We ensure that all of our briefs are higher-quality than you’ll find anywhere else. We failed to properly orient our authors to those standards. Thus, we actually researched and cut a whole ton of evidence, which is why we advertised such a large table of contents, but not all of it was up to snuff. We had to cut whole briefs from the table of contents and voila: one over-promised sourcebook.

A lot went wrong. However, what we have for you is of the best quality you’ll receive from ANY sourcebook. Ethos has always put quality over quantity and sometimes that leads to sacrifices in the amount of briefs we give you. But have no fear! You’ll still be getting a high quantity. Here’s how we’re making it right for you:

  • Price drop. We dropped the price down for the TP sourcebooks to $39 for this reason specifically. Before, we were going to have the TP sourcebooks be $10-$20 more than the LD sourcebooks. But now, since they contain roughly the same amount of briefs, their prices are the same.
  • Free Midseason update. Yeah, you read that right. This is a HUGE deal. We planned on selling you a midseason update come sometime between February and April. However, if you buy our sourcebook, you’ll get that update for free. This update will include most of the briefs that were advertised as well as informing you with tools to fight the hottest new cases around. So, when you’re buying the sourcebook, you’re actually buying TWO sourcebooks for the price of one.

We think you deserve the highest-quality research. Know this, when you’re buying our sourcebook, you’re not just getting the high-quality briefs advertised, but many more in the Spring.

You won’t just get what you paid for. You’ll get more than what you paid for.

We know we messed up. We apologize. We’re doing everything we can to not only provide you with the best sourcebook on the market but pay back our mistakes.

So, buy the sourcebook! It’ll rock your world this month and come back to rock it again this midseason.

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