Our elite Mastership Sourcebooks for NCFCA and Stoa will release soon! Check them out here!

If you’re on this site, it means one of two things:

  1. You’re procrastinating something important.
  2. You want to improve your debate skillset.

They aren’t mutually exclusive, don’t worry.  But if you’re serious about improving, give our Programs page a look. This is where we’ll be posting info on webinars, workshops and all of the programs Ethos will offer throughout the rest of the year to accelerate your debating skills.

It’s the middle of the season, don’t get stale. Check out the programs we’re offering you right now and keep checking in on the page to see if we’ve added anything new.

Let us know what kind of programs you’d like to see from Ethos by emailing us at ethosdebate@gmail.com.

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