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Four years ago, I stumbled upon Ethos Debate’s website. The articles I read helped me look at debate in a new way and grow tremendously in debating and speaking. I sent in my case to be critiqued by Isaiah McPeak. Needless to say, I received excellent advice. Ethos Debate became a regular resource I turned to as I continued debating.

A year and a half ago, Ethos was looking for interns. I applied, was accepted, wrote articles, contributed to Ethos’ Sourcebooks. They were little things, but they added up.

One year ago, my internship was coming to a close and I was extended an offer to coach for Ethos. I trained, learned, took students, and coached them to success and improvement. I coach students to this day and I love the platform I’ve been given with Ethos.

Now, I’m very humbled and grateful to be leading the development of Ethos’ new National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) Lincoln-Douglas (LD) and Public Forum (PF) Sourcebooks to be launched for the 2019-20 season.

I was given a small internship which has led to opportunities I had no idea would be offered to me. I’d like to give you the same kind of opportunity I was initially given.

We are looking for experienced, diligent, and successful debaters and researchers to serve on Ethos’ NSDA Sourcebook team.

This is a competitive, paid position and we are looking to hire the very best. Boost your resume, make some money, hone your researching skills.


The deadline is November 15th. Apply here! Who knows where it’ll take you?

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