Our elite Mastership Sourcebooks for NCFCA and Stoa will release soon! Check them out here!

Ethos previously put out a free, 100+ page sourcebook on the 2019 NSDA March PF Topic to let you know what we’re like. I’m happy to announce that we will begin regularly publishing LD and PF Sourcebooks starting with our Sept/Oct release coming later this month. We’ve got a team of seven outstanding researchers working hard to put out a quality publication for you.

LDResolved: In the United States, colleges and universities ought not consider standardized tests in undergraduate admissions decisions.

PF – Resolved: The European Union should join the Belt and Road Initiative.

For those of you who want to know exactly when we’re releasing, drop your email in this quick contact form and we will email you when our brief is out!

What makes Ethos different? Ethos is designing briefs that are incredibly accessible for both the novice and the champion.

Here’s our main points of focus:

  1. High Quality Sources – We are bringing you analysis from think-tanks, economic journals, peer-reviewed publications, and philosophers. And we are not leaving you in the dark by just giving you cards; we tell you how to use these arguments in the round.
  2. Key Strategy Notes – Interspersed between carefully cut cards are strategy notes which give advice on how you should deploy arguments or points to emphasize.
  3. Unique Topic Analyses – We don’t break down the topic in just one way. In fact, we take a look at the major areas of argument clash, give you a deeper understanding of the material, and provide tips for winning with certain arguments, providing you with topic-specific and translatable skills. For those of you often frustrated with a lack of ideologically unique and nuanced argumentation, in our brainstorm sessions and brief development, we specifically identify ways to provide nuanced and unique approaches to argumentation through our evidence and analyses.
  4. Lots of Useful Evidence – Each brief will be packed with 125+ pages of solid topic analyses, evidence, and strategy notes.
  5. Input-Based Briefs – Those of you who become annual subscribers to either our LD or PF sourcebooks will receive access to submit your mid-topic argument needs and receive special bonus releases in the middle of a topic’s time period. Even if you don’t become an annual subscriber, we encourage you submit your suggestions of how we can improve and we will take into account your feedback as we are developing future briefs.
  6. Affordability – We want our briefs to not only be quality publications, but affordable as well. Our first release is coming out at $20 per brief (and we will stick in the $20-25 range), and we will have sales on our annual subscriptions through mid-September.

Ethos’ Subscription Service

Our LD subscription includes 4 normal releases (Sept/Oct – Mar/Apr) plus bonus mid-topic releases. During our sale, they will go for $80.

Our PF subscription will include 6 normal releases (Sept/Oct – Apr) plus bonus mid-topic releases. During our opening sale, they will go for $120.

During the time a topic is debated, our researchers and writers will remain in contact with subscribers and will take requests for argument blocks or evidence to be included in the bonus mini-releases. Our goal is to directly target our briefs to fit your needs, so you can succeed in your argumentation and growth as a debater.

We’re working hard on these sourcebooks to provide you with the best resources possible. Check back with us soon, and start the debate season off strong.

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