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Many of you in NCFCA are gearing up for Regionals–your last chance to qualify directly to Nats. Others are hitting mid-season plateau. Or maybe you’re still looking for that elusive check mark in Stoa. Whatever your circumstances may be, if you’re looking for some ways to maximize your prep, look no farther. Here are a few past posts we’ve collected for you on the subject.

First, a short series on prepping for Regionals by Lisa Alexander: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. This series is split up into action steps for each week, ranging from polishing your 1AC, to building Neg case shells, to making sure you have working pens packed in your debate box.

Next, here’s a reminder for all debaters hoping for a winning record, or a check mark, or a place in finals: work hard and be positive, but don’t be afraid of disappointment. Instead, use it as a springboard for success.

Finally, stay sharp by setting goals. In the weeks leading up to your next tournament, set a goal to do two or three (or five) practice rounds, preferably with a team you haven’t hit that often. (If you’d like, I can connect you with other debaters to set up a Skype round. Just comment on this post and we’ll talk.) In addition, pick a drill, and commit to doing two things: practicing the drill, and taking video of yourself while you do it. Then watch the video, identify areas of weakness, and FIX THEM. You can also check out this fun game. (It’s so nerdy, debaters probably play it at their birthday parties or something.) Another goal could be to learn three new words and commit to using each one at least once in a round. Whatever your goal is, make it specific, and stick with it.

Happy prepping!


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