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2022 NCFCA TP Preseason Mastership Sourcebook

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This is the official preseason sourcebook for the 2022-2023 NCFCA TP resolution, produced by Ethos Debate! At over 530 pages, this is our biggest, best sourcebook yet, and we know that you’ll love it. It’s NOT your average pile of evidence — our most skilled researchers spent 2.5 months getting you the best evidence on the NCFCA topic, and it shows. What are you waiting for? Grab yours today!

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Since this is for an old resolution, I’ve listed it as “out of stock”. If you’d still like to purchase it, please send an email to contact@ethosdebate.com

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The 2022 NCFCA TP Mastership sourcebook contains 25 briefs, including…

  • 6 fully prepped affirmative cases with strategy notes.
  • 6 extensive Aff blocks with answers to a host of negative arguments
  • 6 specific negative briefs with structured positions and strategy notes.
  • 2 huge generic briefs on each side of the topic lecture with subsections addressing each possible issue that might come up.
  • 4 fully structured generic disadvantages, complete with second line responses, specific links, extensions for each subpoint, Affirmative responses, and strategy notes.
  • 1 all-inclusive Topicality brief with definitions on each contentious word in the resolution and prepped T-presses.

Here’s the official Table of Contents!

  • 1AC – Free Trade with Taiwan
    1AC – Abolish Chinese Steel Tariffs
    1AC – Automate US Ports
    1AC – MMPDS Import Scanning
    1AC – End the Chicken Tax
    1AC – Abolish the Cuba Embargo
  • AFF – Free Trade with Taiwan
    AFF – Abolish Chinese Steel Tariffs
    AFF – Automate US Ports
    AFF – MMPDS Import Scanning
    AFF – End the Chicken Tax
    AFF – Abolish the Cuba Embargo
  • NEG – Free Trade with Taiwan
    NEG – Abolish Chinese Steel Tariffs
    NEG – Automate US Ports
    NEG – MMPDS Import Scanning
    NEG – End the Chicken Tax
    NEG – Abolish the Cuba Embargo
  • GEN – DA – Deaths of Despair
    GEN – DA – Soft Power and Influence
    GEN – DA – Terrorism
    GEN – DA – Human Rights
    GEN – PRO – Trade Liberalization
    GEN – CON – Trade Liberalization
    GEN – Topicality

1 review for 2022 NCFCA TP Preseason Mastership Sourcebook

  1. Anonymous

    Ethos did a wonderful job with this sourcebook. They always have good evidence and credentials! I’d take Ethos over any other sourcebook. Unlike with some sourcebooks you can always trust that Ethos will be good and that it will have been well researched.

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