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This is finals from a recent Region IX regional qualifier hosted by Vector. Josiah McPeak/Eva Trefzger vs. Anna and Sarah Snyder. I am posting this video for two reasons:

1. Incredible 1AR. Look at how the voters refocus all arguments in the round. She may “drop” one or two, but they can be outweighed later b/c of the voters.

2. Innovation. If you’re losing one point, focus on another. The hidden power of this case was its “innovation” points.

Other things to notice:

– Good openings and closings, especially Anna’s 2NR

– Passion is exhibited, rather than “I am debating right now and this is what I will argue today…”

– Teams get really tired at the end of tournaments and finals is the toughest round to perform well

– Negative philosophy is clear and concise and all arguments in the round revolve around it

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