Our elite Mastership Sourcebooks for NCFCA and Stoa will release soon! Check them out here!

We’ve been teasing the return of our world-class sourcebook for a while now. And we’ve been receiving questions from a lot of you asking, “When is it going to come out?” “What’s it going to look like?” “How much is it going to cost?”

Let’s answer those questions.

Release Date:

We’re aiming to have this sourcebook in your hands by Mid-October. Our deadline for all of our author’s submissions is September 17th. So once all of the briefs and cases are submitted, our team is going to take about a month to look over the hundreds of pages, edit and make changes, possibly send some briefs back for editing by the authors, and prepare everything for publishing. We’ll be taking pre-orders in late September; so stay tuned for that information!

Table of Contents:

We’ve decided to publish our table of contents ahead of time for all of you to peruse! A quick disclaimer, it’s totally possible that a few of these could change before the day of publishing. However, this is what our authors are working on RIGHT NOW and the majority of this is likely correct and will be in your hands by the middle of October.

Stoa LD: 3 Aff/Negs (6 briefs) 8 Background/Philosophy articles – 14 total

  • Background: Just War Theory
  • Background: What is preemption
  • Neg: Who needs war? 
  • Neg: Just War Theory.
  • Aff: International stability. 
  • Machiavelli background & philosophy
  • Six Day War background
  • Aff: Preemption vs. Prevention 
  • Aff: Preemption of threats 
  • Preemption gone wrong example brief
  • Neg: Bomb the US
  • Philosophical analysis from political science writers.
  • 3 in-depth case studies of preemptive warfare.

NCFCA LD: 3 Aff/Negs (6 briefs) , 6 background/philosophy articles – 12 total briefs

  • Pro/Con Protectionism vs. Free Trade
  • Aff: Economic-based protectionism case
  • Neg: International stability
  • General: Running focused cases.
  • NEG: Globalist Economics
  • AFF: Isolationism
  • Definition brief.
  • Cultural relativism generic
  • AFF: Anti-Imperialism
  • NEG: Nationalism Subjective
  • Military interventionism generic
  • Nationalism in the middle east

Stoa TP: 9 Aff/Negs (18 briefs), 7 Generics/DA’s (13 briefs) – 31 total

  • Aff/Neg: H.R.1265 – Investing in America: Rebuilding America’s Airport Infrastructure Act.
  • Aff/Neg: H.R.2716 – Transportation Empowerment Act
  • Aff/Neg: Repeal the Jones Act
  • Aff/Neg: Federal Air Marshals
  • Aff/Neg: De federalize OR increase the Gas Tax for the Highway Trust Fund
  • Aff/Neg: Legalize supersonic air travel
  • Aff/Neg: Repeal the Jones Act (Yes, we’re writing two version of this case. Don’t @ me.)
  • Aff/Neg: Bering Strait/Arctic Shipping
  • Aff/Neg: Repeal the renewable fuel standard
  • Generic on comparing international transportation standards
  • Generic: Federal incentives Pro/Con
  • Generic: Urban public transportation Pro/Con
  • Generic: regulations of Self Driving cars Pro/Con
  • Generic: Security in transportation Pro/Con
  • Generic: Traffic DA / A2 Traffic DA
  • Generic: Federalism DA / A2 Federalism DA

NCFCA TP: 5 Aff/Negs (10 briefs), 7 Generics/DA/T (15 briefs) – 25 total 

  • Aff/Neg: End all Federal student aid
  • Aff/Neg: Make Income Share Agreement Contracts Enforceable Under Federal Law
  • Aff/Neg: Protecting Academic Freedom in Higher Education Act
  • Aff/Neg: Abolish Tenure
  • Aff/Neg: Risk-Sharing
  • Generic PRO/CON: For-Profit colleges
  • Generic PRO/CON: Constitutionality of federal involvement in higher ed
  • Generic PRO/CON: Loosen the Accreditation Process on Higher education
  • Generic PRO/CON: Textbook prices
  • Generic PRO/CON: Title IX.
  • Generic PRO/CON: Affirmative Action
  • Topicality brief focused on “The United States” actor in the resolution.
  • Politicization DA / A2 Politicization DA


The LD sourcebooks will cost $39 each and the TP sourcebooks will be $49.

Let’s cut to the chase here. We know that other sourcebooks are giving you more briefs. We’re well aware that if you buy from other companies, you will have more content than what we’re offering you. But Ethos has never been about quantity. We’ve never made it our goal to give you more than anyone else. We’re here to give you BETTER content. It’s about quality vs. quantity.

If you want a thousand different cases to read, go buy from the other guys. We aren’t about that. Here’s our promise to you:

Buy Ethos and you will get the highest-quality briefs on the market.

We’re using peer-reviewed studies with the methodology included. No biased sources within the Ethos sourcebook. We’re scouring law journals, books, and the highest-quality sources out there to bring you the best content possible.

Not only that, but our authors are dedicated. We’ve created a company culture focused on excellence. We’re paying our authors more than any other sourcebook company on the market right now and offering bonuses to the authors who write the best briefs in each sourcebook. Why? Because we know our authors are putting in more work than anyone else. With that extra dollar sign, comes expectation.

So, keep an eye on the site to watch for pre-orders in late September and the release in mid-October.

We can’t wait to show you the highest-quality sourcebook in the homeschool world.

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