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These apps are not listed in any particular order because all of them are of the same relative importance. None of these are included in this post because I don’t think they are important. Admittedly, Android users won’t find this post very helpful because all of these applications are taken from the Apple iTunes App Store, and I did not check to see if there are Android versions of these same apps. But because everyone (which includes debaters) constantly uses and carries their iPhones, iPods, and iPads, you can only benefit from adding a few helpful apps to the preexisting myriad of applications on your device. Here are a few that Ethos finds especially helpful for the average debater.

1. Free RSS Reader

Isaiah wrote a post a while back about how to use and the importantce of using RSS Feeds. And sure, there are plenty of other apps that do the exact same thing as this one. But this is just one of the many that is easy to use and free. Be sure to get the RSS feed from the Ethos blog, also!

2. Fluent News

Knowing current events is paramount for successful debating, but downloading 20 applications for 20 different new sources can be a hassle to peruse, hopeing to stay on top of the headlining stories. Fluent News is an app that features breaking news (domestic and international) from multiple leading news sources all in one app. It includes: The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, FOX News, BBC, ESPN, TIME, and dozens more. (Plus, it’s free.) what’s more, you can customize which sources you want to see headlines from and which you don’t. If you’ve always been a GoogleNews person, though, GNews is the mobile app of GoogleNews. It is free, easy to use, and can serve you just as well as Fluent. Choose one or the other. You can’t go wrong unless you choose neither.

3. Starbucks

Because you will always need caffeine, whether you are judging, debating, or coaching.
4. PrintDirect (&) File Manager

Everyone has found themselves sweating bullets the night before a tournament because they are at their hotel (or host house) and they forgot to print some very, very important brief, card, case revision, whatever. These two apps are lifesavers. File Manager is a allows WiFi or Bluetooth file transferring. PrintDirect documents, PDFs, anything via a WiFi connection. Never again find yourself unable to print something before or during a tournament.

5. NCFCA Timer

This timer app is great to snag off of the app store and keep on your device just in case you forget to bring a timer into a debate. It should go without saying that you should always time each of your speeches, and this app is perfect. The app is titled “NCFCA Timer”…but regardless of the exclusive naming, it can most definitely be used in other leagues. Unlike the other apps in the post, this one is $0.99. But would you rather spend a dollar on that app or buy a five-to-10 dollar timer? Either way, definitely check out this timer app.

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