Our elite Mastership Sourcebooks for NCFCA and Stoa will release soon! Check them out here!

We’d like to announce two of our upcoming plans.

1) Author Search. Starting now we are accepting applications for those interested in researching for Ethos this coming year. We have a core of authors but generally accept a couple of guest authors whom we train and guide to fulfilling our tough quality standards.

Our main goal is to bring you the best research, since we know it is not always the “top” debaters that are the best at researching. Thus, even if you have been only moderately successful in debate rounds, we know it is possible that you could be an excellent researcher. Conversely, you could have won nationals but not really have done much of your own or even relied very heavily upon research–you might not even be good at it.

So if you are interested, please do the following:

a) Write a short biography of your debate/research experience.

b) Explain in a paragraph or two what makes good evidence.

c) Explain in a paragraph or two what makes a good source.

d) Send us three briefs: one aff, one neg, one generic.

e) Include in a paragraph or two what you think you could do to help improve Ethos, and what recommendations you may have. (Consider this a cover letter + suggestions)

If you make it to the second round of consideration, we will assign you some short work and explain our standards.


2) Camps/Conferences/Training

Since our staff are not only experienced researchers, but fabulous debaters and coaches, we have decided to pursue a few teaching opportunities. While you can still always send us your cases and questions, imagine having some of the most experienced and successful coaches in the country provide training, topic analysis, theoretical education, strategy tips, and critiqued practice–in person. If you are interested in arranging a camp, conference, web event, or training event, please email us and we can negotiate details.

Our resources are our people. With our base of available coaching staff, we can customize our training to your needs–even bringing different people depending on what you think your club most needs to focus on. Several consultants have agreed to work for Ethos in this capacity:

Primary Ethos staff (Isaiah McPeak, Lisa Alexander, Tim Edelblut)

PHC Star Debaters, including…

— Grace Lichlyter, former NCFCA national champion TP; successful parli debater

— Rachel Heflin, former NCFCA national champion TP; national champion ACMA moot court

— Gregory Escobar, former NCFCA nationally placed TPer; most successful freshman debater at PHC (with Alan Carrillo as partner)

— Ian Ried, former NCFCA nationally placed TPer; NFA policy debater

— Joanna Griffith, former NCFCA nationally placed TPer; top PHC NFA debater

— Mackenzie Siebert, former NCFCA nationally placed TPer; PHC parli debater

— Tim Snyder, former NCFCA nationally placed TPer; PHC parli debate coach, winner of multiple collegiate parli tournaments

Please understand that these are busy people and the reason we have partnered with so many is to be sure we can meet your scheduling needs. If you want particular people to come, you will likely have to be flexible with the dates.

We are excited about these new ventures and the years of learning ahead.

P.S. Isaiah is running PHC’s debate camp again this summer. Come on out for an action packed week of learning.

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