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So many of the best and not-so-best speeches, debate rounds, and interpretations, have been recorded by numerous helpful minions during past competition seasons and are all over YouTube for your benefit. Make use of them!

At Ethos debate camps during the summer, we like to show a plethora of example videos showing what to do and what not to do during any debate or speech. Go to YouTube (or Google, but be sure to at ‘youtube’ at the end of your search query) and start with some simple search terms like “NCFCA duo champion 2012” or “Stoa Persuasive champion 2011” or “NFL humorous interpretation champion 2009”. [Be advised: competition rules for the NFL are different than NCFCA or Stoa, so some profanities are included in some performances.]

As you watch, examine the style in which they present their speech or how they act out their script or how they handle the debate round. Take notes, even and practice some of the tips and trick you pick up along the way.

Here is Thaddeus Tague, an ethos staff member and also the 2013 Stoa Persuasive National Champion. Watch his powerful speech, note his style of speaking/persuading, and learn from him and other speeches to improve your own speaking style.

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