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A few years ago, Anna Johansen created a debater persona quiz: from bulldozers to best friends, from scholars to survivors, it could magically characterize your debating persona while also pointing out probable strengths and areas for improvements. Unfortunately, the platform/program she used changed from free to paid at some point, so all the quizzes were restricted unless people paid for the service. Some readers may have thought the quiz was cheesy, but many people liked it (and who doesn’t like a lighthearted break from school and/or a conversation topic in your club?), so we thought we would recreate it (with some tweaks).

Before I get to the quiz, I will emphasize that you aren’t bound to a single type; rather, “your type” is really more of a composition of varying “degrees” of types. Thus, the results include a secondary type (but do ignore the specific percentages, because they are not very informative). Also, just skip entering your email.

Having said all this, I now present to you the new, improved, and still absolutely flawless* quiz.

Quiz Maker – powered by Riddle

*Results may vary; debaters can be very complex people.

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