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We here at Ethos know that many of our customers find the lengthy “generics” one of the better features of Ethos because they can apply powerfully to so many cases. Others, however, struggle finding these applicable and sometimes are left in the middle of a round with nothing to say.

Our solution: The Ethos Strategy Guide.

The Guide will be coming out in our next update (somewhere during competitive season, hopefully February-ish) and features our commentary on how to attack different cases and arguments. We focus on applying generic arguments to tear down cases through logic and background topical knowledge. If there are any cases or arguments on which you’d like some strategy advice, comment here!

Attached is an example of this guide from NATO year.

Anyhow, below = Contents of Update 1
Coca-Cola Neg
Embargo/Sanction CON
Farm Subsidies PRO
Free Trade CON
Limited Gov PRO (big gov CON)
Medical Tourism Neg
Rain Water Harvesting Neg
Water PUPS Neg
Outsourcing Neg
Sanctions CON (different than the other one)

And a bonus feature: we blocked the NIC 2025 study relative to India

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