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Good evening. We’re not all that into big time advertising, which is why we haven’t been emailing you twice a week this summer (or once… or at all… heh). For those who like to keep on top of things and are planning next year, we apologize for our communication delinquency.

Basically, Ethos is definitely embarking on its best year yet. With Chris Campbell (experienced college and NCFCA debater from CA), Gregory Escobar (nationally placed expert organizer and researcher from VA), Tim Edelblut (nationally placed top researcher besides Mrs. A), and your old time friends Lisa Alexander (inventor of the internet, I think, because she can find anything) and Isaiah (the annoying person who insists the book be written for him, with only qualified sources, mostly restricted access, and cases that experts actually advocate), we’re already about 300 pages into it with too many ideas yet needing research to even begin a list. Okay, enough bragging (yuck). On to details…

“Planned release date” is an oxymoron. It also happens to be September 3. We’re aiming for 13 awesome affs (neg on each one this time), tons of neg, lots of generic arguments, and some really interesting things we don’t know about yet. I’m guessing 800-1000 pages at 1″ margins and 12 pt TNR font. Hopefully you’ll never consider printing it that way…

Some people have asked about pre-ordering. We don’t really do that because we don’t make enough money for us to be desperate enough to have pre-ordering, BUT we will gladly keep your email address on file and let you know the day we’re ready. Planning to sell for $25 again this year.

Random tips of the day: You can ALWAYS email us with ideas, cases to critique, thoughts, suggestions, etc at ethosdebate@gmail.com, never trust Insurance companies, and next time you’re running low on CX questions against an aff case try “from precisely where do you derive the governmental authority to enact this plan?”

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