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Ethos: The one-stop shop for all your Nationals fears.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the great annual hunger games are finally upon us: Speech and Debate Nationals.

No matter what league you’re in, you probably are already busy prepping for the biggest tournament of your year.

Nationals preparation is not a formula. It’s not a process. It’s not even a journey.

Nationals preparation is a balance between a rigorous, educational, and practice based routine, and a healthy realistic mindset of how you want to do, and how you are going to do. Lastly, you need to fix peripheral issues, clean up the corners, and fix the things you aren’t even currently aware you do wrong.

Wait. You pause and ask, “How can I fix the things I am not yet aware of?”

Great question!

That’s why, we at Ethos, thought it would be a great idea to do a Pre-Nationals Coaching push! We sat down and thought, how can we best help debaters have fun and feel AMAZING about heading into, and being done with Nationals?

Thus, we are encouraging all our Ethos students, blog readers, and everyone else who wants to know how to beat the system and enjoy (maybe even–God forbid, do well at) Nationals – to apply for a coaching session with one of our associate and head coaches.

We will walk you through your case, help you with any questions, comments, or horror stories, as well as evaluate your speaking and give you quality feedback that you can use to amp your style

In addition, there is a chance for you to participate in practice rounds against other Ethos students! If you really want to hone your skills and get critiqued by an Ethos coach, then this is your chance

We thought about it and decided on two pre-nationals packages:

The Full Package (It’s better): 100$

  • 3 sessions with an associate coach attended by a lead coach.
  • 1 critiqued practice round against a coach or Ethos student
  • Over 50% less than a normal set of coaching sessions!

The Single Package: 25$

  • 1 session with an associate coach attended by a lead coach
  • Over 50% less than a normal coaching session!

Interested? Click here for more info.

We want YOU – to not only feel prepared for nationals but to have an understanding of how to do your best.

Most of all, we want you to improve as a debater, and become a more mature communicator. Thus – we extend a coaching opportunity to you.

How bad do you want to do well at nats? That’s a counter-productive question.

Instead, ask this question: “What can I do well, so that Nationals is my best tournament ever?”

Let’s do this.




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