Our elite Mastership Sourcebooks for NCFCA and Stoa will release soon! Check them out here!

What has Ethos been up to this last year, and even better, WHAT is going to happen next!?

This summer, Ethos completed several camps nationwide: we taught more than 200+ debaters and kept the Ethos model rolling. Here are a few things to look forward to this upcoming debate season!

NEW Coaches:

Ethos is dedicated to hiring quality coaches who can teach Ethos students the very best techniques for persuasive communication and help students succeed all year. Every coach we hire has undergone varying elements of the Ethos Coaching Orientation to ensure that YOU receive the best possible coaching. This Coaching Orientation is designed to build on the years of dialogue and success that previous Ethos contributors have supplied and built.

We are onboarding brilliant new minds in order to handle the unprecedented increase in coaching requests for the start of the new competitive season. Look at our team page for future updates. Here’s what we have so far.

Benjamin Hoffner-Brodsky: Current Harvard student.  When it comes to Extemp and Parli, this guy has got you covered. A former NSDA and Team USA Parli competitor, he is bringing a new coaching vibe with him.

Noah Howard: Noah Howard is a familiar name to most, and a talented Team Policy and Moot Court competitor. He has been a respected Ethos team member for some time now and is bringing his skills to help students of all ages and debate styles.

Luke Marvin: Graduate of Concordia College in 2017, two-time NITOC TP finalist, former first place TP speaker, former successful college NPDA competitor, killer parli coach. Graduated from Concordia College with their highest achievement award for economics majors.

Jadon Buzzard: Current Hillsdale parli and policy debater, along with operating on the team’s leadership panel. Former decorated and experienced cebate club leader in parli and TP. Teaches parli orientation for college debaters, and almost finished with his coaching training orientation through Ethos.

Also in case you missed it, Isaiah McPeak is back coaching with Ethos!! He is looking to take on a few dedicated students who are willing to dig in and deeply apply themselves over the course of the competitive year. Take a look at his coaching page for more info.

Ethos is now in NSDA!

For years, Ethos has coached NSDA competitors in Public Forum, LD, and World Schools. Now, officially, Ethos is launching an NSDA Sourcebook for PF and LD, under the supervision of a longtime NSDA competitor (now Ethos coach) Joshua Hu alongside new Ethos coach Ben Hoffner-Brodsky.

Stay tuned, as Ethos will release free downloadable briefs for the March / April topics to prepare you for district championships and national qualifying tournaments. If you are an NSDA competitor, we’re your one-stop-shop for debate & event coaching, sourcebook and evidence, and the best case prep in the nation. Ethos will be officially launching an NSDA Sourcebook for PF and LD beginning in the 2019-20 season

If you are an NSDA competitor, we’re your one-stop-shop for debate & event coaching, sourcebook and evidence, and the best case prep in the nation.

If you are an NSDA Alum or Coach, feel free to contact us about coaching resources, materials, help, or if you want to join the team and become an online coach! We are looking to add more coaches for Congressional and Public Forum. 

Stoa and NCFCA Sourcebook:

The release date is September 15th! We have been working on extensive LD and TP sourcebooks, and Chris Ostertag has done a phenomenal job bringing together a great team and bringing debaters only the best, quality evidence. Ethos authors submit briefs in line with CITE standards (thanks Elijah Schow), and vigorously quality checked by editors.

Buy the sourcebook, and you will even receive a discount on Ethos Coaching! If you buy our sourcebook, we will include a coupon for our season coaching package, that gives you the entire first session for free.

Ethos works off of a normal hourly coaching rate, but if you buy coaching packages, we discount that hourly rate to make extended coaching more affordable. Adding a full free session means the student saves around $175 for Gold coaching and $120 for silver. Once the sourcebook comes out, go ahead and shoot us an email at contact@ethosdebate.com to schedule coaching.

National Extemp Club

Get hype for our third year of Ethos National Extemp Club! Join national extemp champions Emily Rose and Clare Downing to receive unprecedented extemp coaching and guidance from marketing and legal professionals. Your one-time club fee includes weekly 90-min coaching sessions with Emily and/or Clare, sample extemp questions, feedback on both your content and style, extemp-specific tips, a club comprised of dozens of top competitors across the nation, and free access to Extemp Genie and exclusive news subscriptions. Check this page to learn why this has been extemp competitor’s favorite way to excel and prep for years. Our first meeting is October 1st. You have one month left to claim one of our limited seats.

COG Backfiles:

Last year, Ethos partnered with COG Sourcebooks (Daniel Gaskell) and ended up buying their method and domain. We now have all their backfiles up for free! Thousands of pages of research on all the Stoa and NCFCA resolutions between 2009-2016! Things like Agriculture, Criminal Justice, USFG Revenue Generation, USFG Foreign Policy and Terrorism etc. COG Generics are truly a work untouched by any competition. 

To find them – just go to the resources tab on our website and select downloads.

We know this is a lot of info, so don’t worry if you didn’t catch it all. We will be posting regularly on the blog to keep everyone informed of our fun updates and endeavors.

Ready for your best season yet?


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