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  • A second-year team went from never advancing to qualifying to NITOC.
  • A second-year LD student qualified to NCFCA Nationals and received second at a National Open.
  • A third-year debater consistently placed first at their tournament.
  • A novice LD debater became second in her region.
  • A third-year team went from barely advancing to second in their region. 
  • A novice LD club moved from no debate knowledge to finals in their region.
  • A second-year LD debater moved from moderately successful to two-time tournament champion.A second-year LD debater moved from never advancing to elimination rounds to advancing to finals.
  • An LD novice regularly advanced deep into elimination rounds.
  • A Team Policy debater moved from hating LD to advancing to quarterfinals.
  • A student advanced from inconsistent success to placing 6th overall in the nation.
  • A student advanced from moderate success to first in his state overall and Ziggy Online Debate Champion

Dozens of students crushed over 100 goals hand-in-hand with Ethos coaches last season. We can’t wait to achieve hundreds more.

Two years of Ethos XL have taught us invaluable lessons. We’ve tweaked, revamped, and polished every aspect of our clients’ favorite discounted coaching program. We like to think of it as the Sam’s Club of debate coaching. Buy your favorite products in bulk and save, right? This year, we’re launching our third version of Ethos XL. And you’ll love it more than ever. What’s new?

Hours vs. Season

In years past, Ethos XL used to be for the entire coaching season. From the moment you bought the package until the moment you stopped advancing in competition, your package was valid. We’re launching a different type of coaching package this year. Our former program model has failed both Ethos and our clients. How? The old package deal included essentially “endless hours” during the competition season. Although that seems like a debater’s utopia, we found that students didn’t always make the best use of session hours due to the bottomless supply of them. We also found that our coaches were burnt out. Ethos seeks to be the highest quality private-coaching program on the market. That’s why Ethos XL 3.0 will measure coaching sessions by hours instead of the competition season. What does this mean? Rather than paying a flat rate for endless hours, you’ll pay a discounted flat rate for a set amount of hours. And don’t worry – we weren’t stingy with the number of hours in the packages. All packages our 15% off our normal rate of $45 or $30 an hour. Why are the prices different?


All Coaches vs. Levels of Coaches

Many of you emailed us last year asking which coach would be right for you in Ethos XL. Choosing the right coach can be hard. This year, it’s easier than ever. Instead of having to read each coach’s individual bio and match their talents/price with your needs/wallet, Ethos XL 3.0 will offer levels of coaching packages. We will have silver and gold coaches. Our Gold coaches have more experience. They’re the people who’ve been in the game for 3-6 years. Our silver coaches all have 1-2 years of experience coaching, but both levels teach from the same Ethos curriculum and have trained hundreds of students through camps and private coaching to outstanding success. The difference is in pricing. Our gold coaches charge $45 an hour, while our silver coaches charge $30. The coaching programs will also be separated into color-coded levels, annotating how many hours you’re buying and what level of coach you’ve selected!


Coaching a Club vs. Individual Coaching

We’ve always offered club coaching via Ethos XL, but we’ve served more individual clients. This year, we’re emphasizing the cost-effectiveness of club coaching. When you buy our revamped packages, you’re buying those hours for a team or for a club,  after all, you’re buying our time. Use it how you want! If you want club coaching, now is your chance to get it at 15% off in bulk. Don’t miss out on national-class professional coaching for your club at our cheapest rate ever.


Ethos XL 3.0 is up now. Are you going to stock up on coaching sessions at our lowest rate of the year, or wait and pay full price? We can’t wait to revolutionize your debate career with revolutionary coaching. See you soon!

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