Our elite Mastership Sourcebooks for NCFCA and Stoa will release soon! Check them out here!

Great news! We just dropped Ethos xL prices from $400 to $275/student for TP or LD.

Sign Up Now

Thanks for everyone who’s signed up so far! We’re going to retroactively give you a refund. We’ve had calls from coaches in Texas, South Carolina, Missouri, and Wisconsin in the last three days all saying Ethos XL is just a little too expensive.

Why I’m Stoked about Ethos xL

Two big reasons. The first is that the students signing up so far are so motivated and interested in challenging tgemeselves. The second is that Rebecca, Benji, and I have agreed we’re definitely more excited to lead this club than any other club we’ve led before. This is “our debate club” for the year. You should join!

What types of stuff will we cover?

Make sure you look at the topics we’ve built up over the ages, all 100% of which we’ve never once been able to squeeze into a camp. There’s so much to teach for lifelong trajectory, and this is the opportunity to get coaching from top past competitors and current coaches, who are doing really interesting stuff in the real world.

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