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screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-8-24-58-amThis is a public service announcement… we’ve partnered up with Isaac Sommers, founder of ZiggyDebate, to bring Ethos coaches onto the ZiggyDebate platform.

In case you didn’t know, ZiggyDebate is for Stoa and NCFCA debaters both this year!

What’s ZiggyDebate?

It’s a single mega-tournament held over many weeks via online matchups. You debate one round, learn, regroup, then debate another. After some initial rounds, Isaac powermatches future rounds so that you’re hitting someone of a similar level throughout the season.

It’s a really great way to practice, see what’s going on in different regions, and get feedback on your cases from people you don’t usually bump into.

Did I mention…

Ethos signed up as a debater. As coaches, we hold ourselves to a standard of continuing debate, even if we don’t compete in a league (because we go to the wrong college or are too old!), to keep our skills fresh. So you can expect to see Ethos Coaches judging some rounds this year, but if you sign up for Ziggy, you may just debate one of us!

Sign Up for ZiggyDebate

P.S. The only Ethos Coaches participating in Ziggy are those who aren’t competing in Stoa or NCFCA – the alumni like Isaiah McPeak, Devin Radford, Abbey Lovett, and Emily Rose.


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