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Yes, this is a trick question of sorts. The correct answer for the purposes of this article is not “National Invitational Tournament of Champions”. The question refers to “NITOC” not as an acronym, but as a word…“Nitoc.”

At Ethos one or two of the staffers were thinking about the word, it’s sound, and were wondering that could mean. Not a particularly germane meaning, of course. But the onomatopoeia “nitoc” must mean something—something funny, peculiar, odd, intellectual, entertaining, flamboyant, irritating, et cetera.

And that question of who or what a nitoc is spawned a month-long competition that Ethos’ will host. For the next month, until the beginning of NITOC, submit your entry of what or who you think a nitoc is. Then, the winning entry will be displayed at NITOC at Ethos Debate’s booth, and the winner will receive a special prize for their creativity.

Be sure to submit picture, written, audio, or multi-media submissions to isaiah.mcpeak@ethosdebate.com within the next 30 days.


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